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December 2018 

Jake and Stephanie Robak

Our 2018 Weld Shop, LLC Calendar


GUIDELINES for all future calendars use and consideration: 

1. Send all Pictures via Email

2. Picture must be oriented Horizontally (Landscape)

 3. Ensure it's the highest resolution (Best Quality) 


Please Note: 100% Handmade-Nothing manufactured! All of the items featured are custom fabricated by William "Bub" Poff, each are builtbybub and made onsite here at Weld Shop, LLC Address: 18911 Chmidling Drive Leavenworth, Kansas 66048-8493 CELL: (913) 240-5965. EMAIL: bubtanya@builtbybub.com All products are solely the responsibility of the end user. All photography and images are courtesy of the respective owners' and/or this website. This site displays the original metal fabrication of William 'Bub' Poff. * Patents Pending. All rights reserved.  Copyrightę 2008-Present   This page was created on December 1, 2017. Congratulations to all trucks featured here. All trucks featured on this page have purchased some of their custom truck parts from us directly for their working Largecar Trucks! Thank YOU to EVERYONE who entered and keep on sending us those great pics!! Please note: October 1st is last date for submitting for the upcoming calendar year. Ad-Free and made exclusively for Weld Shop, LLC. Over five decades of proven expierence-25th year in business!