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Rear Visors

Available in: 

Bad Bow Tie Visor (BBT)

This item was the first Original Authentic Visor on record from back in March of 2005 Clint Moore and Richie Acosta approached us regarding Project 350, it won "Best in Show" at MATS.

Some of the other hand fabricated custom pieces on his truck were the smooth deck plate, exhaust and trunk. 

Visor is also available in:

Bad Bad Bow Tie Visor (BBBT)

Bow Tie Visor for a 359

"32 F" Visor

This visor is also available in: 

GED Visor

This visor was made popular by winning at MATS in 2007 on Marcus Gidden's truck.

KopyKat Plus Visor

Mirror Brackets

These are door mounted, dropped mirror brackets. 

Stainless Connector Box

Step Plate Cover

Shox Box

Cab and Sleeper Panels (aka: Cab Skirts, aka Cowl Panels)



Fender Brackets

We've had inquiries and would like to confirm these ARE available by request!  

I-Boxes,  Light Bars,  Window Chops aka: Window Drops and more!...just call Bub (913) 240-5965!!

"Duplicating the talents of another serves no one well, least of all...you." L. Bevere 

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