Lay Hold of Your Promises

From the very beginning, when we are first born again, we have access to complete and total salvation. However, I do not know many people who instantly walk in their complete salvation. Salvation is a complete package, it includes healing, prosperity, debt freedom, peace of mind, good relationships...there is nothing it doesn't include, yet we must lay hold of these promises. Often, one at a time. Some people have a strong faith in healing but lack faith in finances. Some people have a strong faith in finances but struggle with sickness in their body. The truth remains that salvation includes both. It is SHALOM, with nothing broken and nothing missing. That is our salvation package, so to speak. It is what we must lay hold of. I liken it to a child going across monkey bars or a jungle gym. You go from one bar to the other bar to get across to the other side. That's how we grab on to the promises. We just grab on. We lay hold. But some children can't hold on until they reach the other side of the monkey bars. They drop down somewhere in the middle. So, it is with some of us who begin the good fight of faith but grow weary somewhere in the middle. We, too, at times, let go of our promises. With that picture in mind, let's look at Hebrews 6:18; That by two immutable things, in which it is impossible for God to lie, we might have strong consolation, who have fled for refuge to lay hold of the hope set before us. First keep in mind that the hope is before us. It is within our grasp. All we have to do is lay hold of it.

To lay hold means to get possession of, to become master of, to seize, to take hold of, to hold fast to and to continue to hold. The word hope means expectation and the thing hoped for. Sound familiar? Hebrews 11:1 says, now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. By this we know that faith is the way we lay hold of the things we are hoping for. It is faith that will enable you to lay hold. It is faith that will strengthen you to continue to hold when you think you can't hold on any longer. Imagine the monkey bars again...see it in your mind. Imagine that each bar is part of your salvation. One bar for divine health. One bar for prosperity. One bar for peace of mind. One bar is for the salvation of your children. One bar for healthy relationships...and so on. Look down the monkey bars and see the joy that is set before you. Your complete salvation. Now, by faith begin to lay hold. Lay hold of divine health and refuse to let go. Press forward and lay hold of prosperity. Refuse to stop there, grab onto that next promise, peace of mind and hold tight. Keep moving, press on to your next promise. Do not stop until you lay hold of all that belongs to you. Don't settle for anything less than all that God says is yours. Continue steadfast in faith until you make it to the other side...complete and total salvation.We often think that some things are just facts of life, they happen to everyone. For instance, we think that being sick is common, it happens to everyone. It doesn't have to happen to you! It is not common in Christ. If God doesn't have it, you don't have to either. The scripture says...on earth as it is in heaven. If sickness is not in heaven, and it's not, you can refuse it. On the other hand, if it belongs to God. If it is something that is found in the Kingdom of God, then you have a right to it. It is before you, it is yours for the taking. Bought and paid for by Jesus Christ. Lay hold of it today!

All the promises of God in Christ are yes and amen. They are yours! Lay hold and hold fast to your confidence, steadfast to the end. Fight the good fight of faith. Grab onto all that is already yours...in Christ. It's yours for the taking.

By: Kim Potter, A New Thing Ministries