Alone For Prayer

"And he withdrew himself into the wilderness, and prayed."

Luke 5:16

Jesus separated Himself for seasons of prayer. We are not told how often He did it, but on one occasion, Peter woke up and Jesus was missing, and he knew where to find the Master - praying. This is an amazing factor to recognize, that if Jesus saw it necessary to get alone to pray, then how much more should we? Jesus got alone in prayer to hear the voice of God, for He told the Pharisees that He only did what He heard His Father telling Him to do. Jesus got alone to remain in fellowship so He could be alert and aware. He told His disciples that He did what He saw the Father showing Him. So to be effective, there must be intimacy. Intimacy takes time and effort.

Allow me to suggest three things to help you in your prayer time. One, have a set time to pray. If you do not set a time, you will unintentionally neglect prayer. Two, have a place to pray. Because prayer creates relationship and an atmosphere for intimacy with God, choose a place conducive for private worship or groaning with the Spirit. Three, find a way to pray. I wish I could remember to pray for everyone every day, but the reality is I don't remember to. But a way I do remember and know how to pray for certain ones is a photo album. Placing pictures in an album is a quick and easy way to pray. Take these three steps to heart and expect to increase your level of prayer.

"Jesus withdrew for prayer - how about you?"

By: Paula White-Cain, New Destiny Christian Center