Disclaimer Of Warranty: Except as may be specified in writing, the Weld Shop, LLC does not make any warranty, expressed or implied, or any other representation about the use of its labor or fabrication in or on any product, project or vehicle. While all the work done at the Weld Shop, LLC is done with safety in mind and fabrication skill; the purchaser (customer) assumes the risk of all personal, property and economic injury, damage or loss either direct or indirect arising from the use or misuse or failure to determine the appropriate use of any Weld Shop fabrication or work.


Ordering Information & Payment Policy:


Step One:

Contact Bub directly and go over your order with him, then he'll provide you with order total.


Contact Information:

Postal Mail: Weld Shop, LLC 18911 Chmidling Drive Leavenworth, Kansas 66048-8485

Email: bubtanya@builtbybub.com

Home: (913) 651-4999     Mobile: (913) 240-5965


Step Two:

Payment for all Custom Truck Parts is on a prepay basis only.

Receipt of your check and/or your payment clearing, 

essentially "gets you in line." 

Bub LITERALLY makes each & every order custom.


Make out your check total payable to: Weld Shop, LLC

Mail Your Payment Directly To Us At:

William "Bub" and Tanya Poff

c/o: Weld Shop, LLC

18911 Chmidling Drive 

Leavenworth, Kansas 66048-8493



Shipping Policy /Arrangements:

The Last Step:

Once above process is complete and Bub finishes making your products...

We will box the order and send it directly to the address you've designated as agreed.


It is our sincere desire to get every order out in a timely and efficient fashion.

Due to Bub's interaction with each and every customer and us 

being a "one man shop," our turn around time is farther out... 

We thank you in advance for your time and patience!


On Site Work/Drop-off and Pick-up Information:

Initial Deposit & Standard Rate: Payment given before or upon delivery of truck/project in good faith. This is an estimated cost, includes but not limited to, fabrication and hourly rate based on custom parts and work requested to be completed here at Weld Shop and billed thereafter.

Labor and Installation: Shall be calculated through completion of your project by Bub @Weld Shop, LLC.

Final Payment: Payment due including any/all miscellaneous details. Must be Paid In Full in lieu of your truck/project leaving Weld Shop, LLC premises.


Property Policy: Any property (parts), not part of a current project (paying customer), is subject to removal from the Weld Shop, LLC premises without further notice


NOTICE as of October 5, 2011: Unfortunately, this policy has been made public as a result of issuing a "stop build." We sincerely mean no disrespect to those committed to valuing our business and time. By pre-paying for services as agreed upon in good faith, we are in return protecting future customers from their project not being completed as promised or as expected. Our conscience and character is foundational to our business reputation and practices. We operate from this premise and will not go contrary to what we believe is in the best interest of all those concerned and/or anyone who may be impacted by our decisions.

NOTICE made Public on January 1, 2012:  Weld Shop, LLC stands behind it's product and reputation! We warranty our workmanship. However, any unauthorized changes given by a "middleman" without Weld Shop, LLC knowledge and/or consent hereby nullifies and exempts Bub from any liability. In reference to all third-party purchases/installations: any type of modification(s) and/or alteration(s) to his fabrication without his authorization is not Weld Shop, LLC's responsibility.

NOTICE: It came to our attention on January 20, 2016 by youtube video, phone and email,  one of our valued customers was unsatisfied with the service they received from us on 7/20/15 and 8/27/15.   We have been notified: We here at Weld Shop,LLC  are not legally responsible for hand made custom orders that are not returned or refused to be returned to us in a timely manner for inspection. We are committed to our customers satisfaction.


We are for truckers and enjoy working with all of our customers directly.


Again, feel free to inquire about various costs/payment, parts by: 

Postal Mail: Weld Shop, LLC 18911 Chmidling Drive Leavenworth, Kansas 66048-8493     Via Email: bubtanya@builtbybub.com     Business: (913) 651-4999     Mobile: (913) 240-5965


Thank You For Your Interest and also Taking the Time To Read This,

William "Bub" and Tanya Poff