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Every single custom piece you see here would be custom specific with your truck in mind! 
Have you got an idea?  To inquire about reserving your own special order, simply call BUB direct: (913) 240-5965

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richies.jpg (57742 bytes)     
We're literally home to the First Authentic Original Bad Bow Tie Visor, on record!!  The ideas all came about in 2004-2005 when Richie Acosta purchased his truck from Clint Moore of KC Peterbilt and Bub began fabricating Custom Truck Parts and Pieces ever since all of those initial conversations! Once Project 350 won all of those awards and set a new standard in the industry, Bub's pieces were all over trucks nationwide and abroad.  Many of those initial discussions took place on site here at Weld Shop, LLC between the three of them. 
 BenByerTruck.jpeg (217527 bytes)
Next, the white painted BBT is on Ben Byer's truck.
For More, Bad Bow Tie-BBT pics, Click Here

Our Rear Visor's have two different styles for you to choose from, straight or bow tie. Unless otherwise stated.

(Stainless Steel Bow Tie -rear visor- shown on Mr. Nellis's truck below)

Nellis9.jpg (192747 bytes)

The next three samples shown here are of our Stainless Steel BBT.

stainless bbt 01.jpg (74317 bytes)     Landollbbt A.jpeg (124638 bytes) Landollbbt B.jpeg (94089 bytes) ssrbtv D.jpeg (117241 bytes) LandollbbtC.jpeg (125181 bytes)     stainless bbt 02.jpg (80653 bytes)

 Here is Mr. Landoll's truck looking good at MATS 2010. The rear visor was specially ordered and called our, **Stainless Steel Rear Bow Tie Visor.**

For More, Rear Visor pics, CLICK HERE

hillinside1.jpg (314337 bytes) hillinfront1.jpg (336444 bytes) Wes Hillin sent these great photograph's of his truck.

hillwick 3.jpg (85400 bytes)  MrHillwick1.JPG (57880 bytes)  hillwick 4.jpg (77705 bytes) Special Thanks, goes to Mr. Bob at  Hillwick's!

359frontb.jpeg (97022 bytes)    359side.jpeg (79888 bytes) Bow Tie Visor for a 359...

mini3.JPG (126226 bytes)  Cody359.jpeg (175452 bytes) ...speaking of 359's here is Cody Ford's! This is a one-off visor- he asked Bub to make for him...

Brian King BBBT 1.jpg (235778 bytes) Bad Bad BT.jpg (265639 bytes) B King BBBT 2.jpg (377809 bytes)

CHECK THESE "BBBT's" OUT!! Because all of our visors are hand made, we can custom make them to your specifications!!!
 This is another Special Order Visor… Thank you to Brian King who sent us these cool pic's of his black truck!!
Due to the center being dropped 1” longer than a BBT we’ve called it our,  ***Bad Bad Bow Tie***


Roy2a.jpg (428326 bytes)  Roy3c.jpg (255831 bytes)

Above is a BBBT with an inch off the top outside corner. In order to accommodate Roy Pool's  (Victory Lane Chrome Shop) cab lights!

Visit BBBT page by, clicking HERE

Marcus1f.jpg (60677 bytes) Marcus1e.jpg (67106 bytes) Marcus1a.jpg (72782 bytes) Marcus1b.jpg (66153 bytes) Marcus1d.jpg (65824 bytes)
More GED Visors: This was specially designed for Marcus Gidden’s Ultra-Cab. (orange/black color combo) 
It was built a few years back for the 2007 MATS “Big Rig Build Off!”


The next two trucks' feature our 32 F Visor!

fix.jpg (53452 bytes)      1.jpg (96983 bytes)

Tim Lager's are showing our 32 F –Stainless Visor!

hall rt side.jpg (46204 bytes)  R_Hall.jpg (32025 bytes)  hall bigfront.jpg (48817 bytes)  insideouthall.jpg (35894 bytes) hall RT.jpg (37290 bytes)

Randy Hall’s yellow day cab is displaying a one-inch short 32F visor!   Randy says, he has plenty of room to see out and it doesn’t vibrate.”

CLICK HERE to see our 32F page!

ssmb1B.jpg (197404 bytes)  ssmb3A.jpg (122543 bytes)  ssmb4A.jpg (183961 bytes)

Click Here for more, Mirror Brackets
stainlessconnectorbox.jpg (93297 bytes) This is a Stainless Connector Box. Bub made to order, per customers request. scbwith.jpg (98177 bytes)  
It has one 7-way and 2 hydraulic lines.

Here is a 8" cab panel and Step Plate Cover Bub has done! cpspc.jpg (150928 bytes)

Shox boxes...

burbridge007.jpg (100327 bytes) shox box.jpg (12088 bytes) shoxbox2.jpg (14014 bytes)

Cab and Sleeper Panels...cp 1.jpg (241291 bytes) cp 2.jpg (246777 bytes)

VISIT: Trunks & Deck Plates... PAGE

devlin_h.JPG (247922 bytes)   a trunk 1.jpg (68125 bytes)  b trunk 1.jpg (68133 bytes)   c trunk 3.jpg (102019 bytes) dp1.jpg (87447 bytes) bubs 006.jpg (562755 bytes) dp2.jpg (36052 bytes)     DSC03546.JPG (59795 bytes) DSC03537.JPG (58751 bytes)

It was  Jeff at 12GA Custom trucks in Canada  who prompted Bub and Tanya to stick with being 100% handmade operation and not manufacturing our products.

Fender Brackets,  I-Boxes, Light Bars and more..


" Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind." Johannes Brahms

Please Note: Not manufactured! All items showcased on this site are both intellectual property and are exclusive original metal fabrications of William "Bub" and Tanya Poff.  Each item is 100% hand made onsite at Address: 18911 Chmidling Drive Leavenworth, Kansas 66048-8493 CELL: (913) 240-5965. EMAIL: bubtanya@builtbybub.com All products are solely the responsibility of the end user. All photography and images are courtesy of the respective owners' and/or this website. * Patents Pending. All rights reserved.  Copyright© 2008-Present  Revised on: December 05, 2019.  Ad-Free and made exclusively for Weld Shop, LLC. 

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